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Unit 8 Organisational restructure

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Unit 8 Organisational restructure
Greetings all

Can anyone please help me with the answers on the organisational restructure of unit 8

I got all answers incorrect for several times now.

Your help will be highly appreciated
August 28th 2023 AN ACCA USER

Retagged August 28th 2023

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Hi, please don't share the actual answers on the Learning Community - however, if fellow students are able to help you understand where you're struggling that should still be very helpful! Thanks :)
August 29th 2023 AN ACCA USER
Hi, judging across the sheer number of people on Learning Community having same issues...glad to see I'm not alone.  Been stumped on this for a few days now - I'm finding the wording/definitions quite ambiguous - is anybody else able to help please?

I have chatted to ACCA Connect but they not very good just refer to an in-house team (PE Delivery Team) and have to wait two weeks for them to get back to you.

This breaks my momentum in completing and progressing through the Unit as a whole, so would be very grateful if someone is ahead of me and knows the answer can steer me in any way.

Thank you.
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