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EPSM unit 8 Q 2 and 3

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EPSM unit 8 Q 2 and 3
I have done so many calculations and methods for some reason i keep getting it wrong, doesn’t make sense. Could anyone provide some info or support ? Thanks.

1. Calculate the forecast net profit of Telford Engineering post-exit (after MEXIT) assuming all staff who resign are replaced to the nearest $M,000. For your answer only state the first two digits and do not include any symbols, for example, "72".

2.Calculate the forecast post-exit (after MEXIT) accounting department costs as a percentage of sales on the assumption that all staff who resign, pre-MEXIT, are replaced. State your answer to the nearest whole percentage and do not include any symbols, for example "21"
December 20th 2023 AN ACCA USER

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Hi Rutkay Capar.

as you are on this question , thats mean you successfully passed accountancy costs quiz in unit 8 .

i have been working on these options for almost 15 days but cant get the right answer , can you please share the way you solve it please .i am not asking  the answer , its the way to solve it .
my email
December 21st 2023 AN ACCA USER
Will do shortly
Hi, judging across the sheer number of people on Learning Community having same issues...glad to see I'm not alone.  Been stumped on this for a few days now - is anybody else able to help please?

I have chatted to ACCA Connect but they not very good just refer to an in-house team (PE Delivery Team) and have to wait two weeks for them to get back to you.

This breaks my momentum in completing and progressing through the Unit as a whole, so would be very grateful if someone that knows the answer can assist me in any way.

Thank you.
It all comes down to reading the case information and requirements very carefully, there are some helpful tips in this post
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Okay i got it myself, if you need help let me know lol.
December 20th 2023 AN ACCA USER

Reshown December 21th 2023 AN ACCA USER
NEED help please
Hi, I request you to please help me with this question. I really am losing my momentum stuck on this Quiz.
Thank you in advance.
Hello folks,
I am stuck in this question, If your have figured out kindly let me know.
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