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Getting Back on Track with ATX (Malaysian (MYS) variant)

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Getting Back on Track with ATX (Malaysian (MYS) variant)
I failed my ATX MYS with 31 marks on my 2nd attempt during December 2023 intake even after following ACCA's exam techniques. I was confident in getting a pass on day the exam results are published but in the end was dropped a bomb when I saw my results. Very disappointed it impeded my plan to ACCA membership & MIA membership. I wonder now for 5 weeks left to go, what should I do? When I thought of getting study buddies through a post here, I would expect people to join, but to no avail. Not sure why but probably because they are lone wolves or they don't know this learning community platform even existed or they hardly care. Would be great to study with people with similar goals & drive our studies (with a plan) to exam success. However, if that doesn't work still, I will have no choice but self study solo without tutors (because of a bad experience before) or study buddies & would rely on my 'spray & pray' or 'trial & error' method to get through 5 weeks of preparation. Would DEFINITELY love to hear some friendly advice from some people who experienced failures multiple times like me on how to effectively prepare for exam success! Many thanks!
January 25th 2024 AN ACCA USER

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Hi! I am not sure of whether you have pass the paper or not. But I will be sitting for ATX MYS June exam. I am also in need of study buddy for ATX. This will be my first sitting and I am just starting for preparation and there is only about 6 weeks left until exam. I am a bit overwhelmed on where to start and on which chapter I should be studying first. If you still in need of study buddy for ATX do let me know ya whatsapp @ +601115393235. TQ!
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