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FM and PM in 1 sitting for June

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FM and PM in 1 sitting for June
I had a plan to give FM exam in March 2024 but due to some problems in my personal life and some emotion problems I couldn't . I lost 1 session but I complete around 13 chapters of FM.  I am planning to give both FM and PM together in  June so that I can save a session. It will be my first 2 paper experience.  I have already started with PM and now in 4th chapter 86 days are left fir June pm exam and FM 15 th chapter 88 days left for June exam . I am a full time student.  Please advice me how to manage two acca subjects at a time.
March 10th 2024 AN ACCA USER

Retagged March 10th 2024

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Hi there. If possible, we strongly recommend studying with an approved learning partner as this will give you the best chance of success. You should create a study plan with a realistic schedule and set goals to track your progress against - you can use the ACCA Compass Planner to help with this. Having a strategy in place is very important when sitting multiple exams as it will help you maximise your study time and prepare effectively for both papers. You should make use of the ACCA resources on our website as well. Good luck!

March 14th 2024 AN ACCA USER
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