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EPSM UNIT 7: Data analytics

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EPSM UNIT 7: Data analytics

What would be the predicted sales with the following data:

Round your answer to the nearest 100. Provide your answer without using any symbols, punctuation or spaces, for example, 32500.

xMC-9uw7XRd7BnIc-dCKy1GLdYtUYB5Va.pngI couldn't get the answer......Can anyone help please?????? 

May 19th 2024 AN ACCA USER

Recategorized June 2nd 2024

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Hey Salima - just a heads up that we don't allow the sharing of answers on the Learning Community but if one of your fellow students wants to give advice on how to approach the question that's ok :)
May 20th 2024 AN ACCA USER
Hi Selima, I had the same issue with these questions, but eventually managed to calculate question 1.  Still unable to work out 2 and 4 though but at least I can move past the quiz.  As stated above I am unable to give you the answer, but if you add the intercept value + each of the values stated in the question multiplied by their corresponding coefficient values, this should get you to the answer (e.g Distance of 150 x 234.9566375, + population of 15000 x 0.406247082, etc.  Hope this helps. Lisa
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