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Methods of Sampling

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Methods of Sampling

Can you please explain me the difference between all methods of sampling techniques in a short and brief way so that i can understand it quickly. :)
Please don't use any accounting terms.Let it be general so all can understand.

Below are the sampling methods.


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Random Sampling (probability sampling) is method of drawing sample from population where all possible sample have equal chance of being selected.
Types of random sampling are
Simple random sampling : Eg. selecting 10 people from a line of 100 by covering eyes and touching them.
Systematic random sampling : Eg. selecting 1 people in a random and in same way as above and after choosing other 9 in interval of 10
Stratified random sampling : Here population is divided into homogeneous groups: eg: from list of 100 vouchers payments, receipts, sales and purchase are grouped and then simple random sampling method is applied OR - as in above example 100 people group is divided into men and women and simple random sampling method is applied
Cluster random sampling: Here population is grouped into heterogeneous groups. eg: 100 men are divided into 5 groups so that men and women in each group is approximately equal. Then simple random sampling is done from each cluster.
Multistage random sampling : (Multiphase sampling) if further development of cluster sampling. E.g. for sampling of 10 people first 50 random people from 100 are selected, again 20 random people from 50 are selected and lastly 10 random sample is selected from 20. Eg. First stage: from all vouchers available we may selects voucher of January month only, then, Second stage: from January vouchers we may select vouchers having ledger amount above 1000 and so on

Non-Random Sampling
Judgement sampling; the choice of items in the sample depends entirely upon the judgement of the investigator. Investigator use his/her skepticism, knowhow
Quota sampling: Sampling method in which researchers are given quotas to be filled from the different strata (homogeneous group) by judgement sampling. E.g. for 10 people from 100. 3 quota for men and 7 for women.

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