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New here? Read our Learning Community FAQ!

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New here? Read our Learning Community FAQ!

If you’re new to the ACCA Learning Community, welcome! We’ve noticed some of you are a bit confused as to how to use the website, so we’re providing a quick FAQ for the site and its features below.


What Is The ACCA Learning Community?

The Learning Community is a forum for ACCA students to help each other with their studies. If you’ve got a question about your studies in general, or want to ask something specific about a certain paper, you can do so here and get answers from other students like yourself.
If you see a question that you can help with, give a fellow student a hand by posting your thoughts on an answer – even if it’s only a line or two!

You can also use the Learning Community to find study buddies, and gain insights into studying and exam techniques from our special Q&A sessions with ACCA tutors and prizewinners.

On the homepage ( you’ll see 6 boxes and 1 circle. We’ll explain all of these below.


What Is The Community?
This is the place for all of your general ACCA study questions. For example, you might ask for tips on balancing your job and your studies. Or perhaps you want advice on where to find the best resources for studying. This isn’t for questions about specific papers – you’ll find that in the Study Groups.


What Are The Study Groups?
There’s one study group for each ACCA paper. These are where you can post questions about specific papers – for example if you need assistance with a question on a practice paper, or need help with finding the best materials for studying for a paper. It’s a good idea to keep checking back to the study group for the paper that you’re currently working towards taking – even if you don’t have any specific questions, other users may have posted helpful information.


What Is Discover? / How Do I Find a Study Buddy?
The Discover section is designed to help you find study buddies, near you or on the other side of the world. If you’re looking for a study buddy, ensure that you’ve made yourself visible in Discover by going to the ‘Me’ section and ticking the appropriate box. You’ll find it near the bottom on the left hand side.
In Discover, you can search for other users by their location (you’ll see the ones closest to you on a map in the middle), paper they’re studying for, name, or badge. Badges are selectable in the ‘Me’ section too – you can choose to wear on that shows you’re looking for a study buddy.
Click on a student on the map or in the list at the bottom to see the information that a user’s made available about themselves. You’ll be able to contact them by email, phone, Facebook or Twitter – depending on the contact information that they’ve chosen to make available.

But that's not all you can do in the Discover section - you can also use it to find Approved Learning Partners and Computer Based Exam Centres near you via the map.


What Is The ‘Me’ Button For?
The Me button shows your personal profile. This contains:
- Information about your ACCA career so far (e.g. exams entered)
- Privacy options – make sure at least one is ticked if you like to be contactable as a study buddy
- Social Networks – these provide an additional way for other users to contact you as a study buddy
- Badges – badges enable you to alert other users that you are a self-study student or are searching for a study buddy
You can also change your password and upload an avatar (profile photo) from here.


What Is The Learning Room? / Where Do Q&A Events Happen?
The Learning Room is where our special Q&A events happen. We regularly hold these with ACCA prizewinners and tutors, usually on the topic of a specific paper.
If you click on the Learning Room, you’ll see previous events at the top (these will have ‘Review Event’ written on). At the moment you can only review previous events if you registered for them before they took place.
At the bottom you’ll see upcoming events (with ‘Waiting To Start’ written on). If you’d like to attend one of these, simply click on it and you’ll be registered for it. Be sure to make a note of the time and date when it’ll take place – come back at that time and click on it again, and you’ll be a part of the Q&A and can ask your questions of our experts. After the event you’ll then also be able to review the Q&A by going to the Learning Room and clicking on the event.


What Are ACCA Learning Resources / Approved Partners’ Learning Resources?
The two Learning Resources sections contain links to off-site study materials – YouTube videos, webinars, practise questions and helpful articles – provided by the ACCA and Approved Learning Partners. You can filter these by paper, so it’s a good idea to check these sections when you’re looking for study or revision materials for a specific exam.


Hopefully this was a helpful overview of the Learning Community's features - but it's not comprehensive, so if you've got any more questions about how the Learning Community works, simply click 'Answer' or 'Comment' and ask below.

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thanks for this lovely forum, how do i know what vote up and vote down stand for better understanding

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what does the points represent and for what would they be used?
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Hi Oluwaseun,

We hope you find it useful!

Simple upvote questions and answers that you think are useful or helpful to reward the poster! Downvote if you think something is unhelpful (hopefully you won't need to use this one much).
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