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ACCA in NZ - Which industries recognise it the best?

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ACCA in NZ - Which industries recognise it the best?

I am in New Zeland and have 2 P level papers left to finish. The institite of Chartered Accountants here only regconise ACCA as a degree if you want to transfer it to the NZ CA. I am currently in a CA firm and my boss, personally does see it as equivalent to CA, but i am interested as to how other firms/industries see it compared to the NZ CA.

April 15th 2015 AN ACCA USER 180 Points

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Right said,

I have gone in detail of the above said issue. If we go for ACCA Equivalence then we will be told that ACCA is only a Bechelor Degree. If you want to do CA in any country they will accept is as degree and will give you 6 to 10 Papers exemption. ****, after so much hard work it is still inferior from CA.

Here in UAE if you are qualified ACCA, the authorities will accept you as a full professional but still not equivalent to UAE-CA. All industries in UK, Canada, Pakistan etc will accept it as a professional qualification however.

April 25th 2015 AN ACCA USER 660 Points