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How Employable am I overseas? (USA preferably)

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How Employable am I overseas? (USA preferably)

Hi All,

I am part-qualified and still only about 1/3rd of my way through the ACCA papers. I have been working for the NHS at my local Trust for over a year now as an Assistant Management Accountant alongside studying. Prior to that I spent a year working as a Payroll Administrator for an Umbrella Payroll company in the UK. I also have a degree in Sport and Community Leadership (before I got into Accountancy).

As I'm still young, and wondering what my options are going forward, I'm interested to know what opportunities my experience can bring me abroad, particularly the US. My thinking at the moment is that, until I'm fully qualified, or at least QBE, it's unlikely many American companies really seek British ACCA students.

Is there anyone out there who can advise?

Is there any kind of foreign exchange programmes available? Not necessarily in the US but generally...

If anyone can share any knowledge of this kind of thing please let me know, would be very grateful for any insight you may have!


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