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UK Private Tutor needed for F8 Audit & Assurance retake

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UK Private Tutor needed for F8 Audit & Assurance retake

Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am based within the UK and recently did the September 2019 sitting for Audit and Assurance (formerly F8) but unfortunately I scored 49%. :(

It was devastatingly close and a very bitter pill to swallow but time to move on. Despite the incredibly close score, if I told you I thought Audit was easy I'd be telling a lie. Audit was a very demanding paper (in my eyes) and at times the lectures may as well have been spoken in Japanese or Russian because learning about it honestly seemed like learning another language.

Anyway onto the main topic, I am looking for a private tutor (either online or face-to-face) who specialises in Audit. I know I was close but just want to be certain that I pass next time hence why I am looking for a private tutor, and honestly feel that it would benefit me and give me the confidence for when I do my retake.

Pricing range between £30 to £40 per hour, I'm available on weekday evenings. The plan is to resit in March 2020 as I'm unable to do the December 2019 sitting.

If there is anyone you could recommend or anyone who is willing to help, please do let me know.

Kind regards

November 5th 2019 AN ACCA USER 210 Points

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