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How do you time manage this paper in the exam.

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All ACCA Papers are time pressured. There are two things that normally help me with the issue of Time Management. 1. I practice past examination papers under examination condition. 2. I restrict myself to the time allocation for each question in the exam hall. For example, you have 3hrs to write the entire paper that suggest that you have exactly 180 minutes to answer all the questions in the examination paper you are sitting and for every mark you need to spend about 1.8 minutes to earn a mark. In my own approach I programme myself to spend just 1.5 minutes to earn a mark and the balance of 3 seconds will assist me to prove read my answers to correct where there are mistakes. Paper P7 is a high level paper and you will be required to behave in the exam hall as if you are a Manager in and Audit Firm. So the pressure is just too much. However, my technique is that once the time I allocated to the question is finished I automatically left that question for another one.

There is no short cut to all these without practicing because as the saying goes, practice make perfect. All the best in the examination.

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Totally agree with Muhammad T elomi. Attempting past papers under artificial exam conditions at your own home prepares you for the final day.

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You have 15 minutes at the start of the examination that is enough for you to concentrate on Section One which will be almost 50 per cent of the total mark. During this period you will be reading the scenario and as well be planing your answer. Look practice makes perfect. I believe if you practice past Exam Questions very well in the process of reading question you will be spotting what went wrong that will assist you to respond to the examiner.

To answer the remaining question question I have written in my first comment on this issue that I normally spent 1.5 minutes to earn a mark against 1.80 minutes that is available. This is my personal approach and it has worked for me. In the exam hall you are not reading the question for studies, you are reading the question to provide the answer with time pressure. Once the time you allocate to any question is over leave that question for another one because over spending your time in one question will be at the detriment of another. I wish you all the best of luck.
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Indeed one has to spend 1.8 minutes per mark though you find that some students are carried
away with the writing that they don't observe the time allocation. I think the best is to start with
section A questions and then you proceed to section B to maximize your success. All the
best in the examination.
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Very good suggestion but what about time for reading and comprehending the scenario?  Should that not be taken into account also?
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Write 1.7 minute for each marks

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I think understanding of scenario is very important in P7 exam. So it better to split time between reading scenario and writing answer. My approach is spent 30% of time to reading scenario, eg- for  each mark 0.5 or 0.6 minutes reading time. We have also 15 minutes reading times to planning answer and reading case. If we understate the requirement and case, I think for each mark 1 minute writing time is enough.
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